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Ori has worked as a home improvement contractor since 1991.

He joined his family home improvement business as a 3rd generation contractor at the age of 21 and started supervising and completing projects when he was 24. Ori is enthusiastic, meticulous, and passionate about his work; he always make sure that every renovating project is perfect, and the customers are absolutely satisfied.

“My Customers love my work and my Positive attitude!”

Ori Avisar Profile PictureIn 2000, Ori graduated from college as an associate civil engineer. After graduating, he renovated houses for one year in Australia and for 2 years in California. In 2005, Ori moved to NJ now focuses on work in NJ and PA.

In just 5 years, Ori has established his business with more than 500 loyal customers.

“I really believe in hard work and communicating with my customers through all stages of a project, in perfecting the renovations’ result. I don’t accept final payment until my customers are 100% satisfied!”

90% of Ori’s customers are from referral.

“They see my work in their family’s, friends’ and neighbors’ houses. They hear about me and they call me!”

Ori enjoys buying, renovating and selling homes.  Ori’s other hobbies include photography, art, dancing, and completing marathons and triathlons. He also enjoys learning new home improvement materials, techniques, as well as traveling in the world (Holland, New-Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, England, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, Peru, the US, etc.), helping and inspiring other people to have successful lives, and speaking and learning more of languages like Spanish, English, and Hebrew.